Intelligent Feeding

Scientific nutrition for better yield, efficiency & animal health. Crafted rations, custom feeds, engineering & automation.

Take your farm to the next level with Intelligent Feeding

Better animal health, healthy growth and higher returns. It all starts with smart feeding. With feeding schedules tailored to the individual needs of your animals, and exactly the right dosage in fresh, regular portions. We make this possible with our future-oriented feeding systems.
  • Reduces feeding costs
  • Improves feed conversion
  • Ensures livestock health and yelds
Sensors & Automation

  • 3 700
    unique rations are calculated in 2021
  • 302 000
    heads of cattle, and 1.3 million pigs and more than 4 million poultry.
  • 3 000
    farms in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • 350
    farms with Precision Feeding using TRM technology
Peter Van Doren
CTO, Managing Partner
Feedlence B.V.
Our Story
Feed with knowledge
Since its inception, FeedLance has specialized in the development of custom diets in accordance with the latest standards of leading European institutions, such as Wageningen, Schothorst and CVB.

Today we have our own production of concentrates and premixes in Europe and Africa, we design farms and feed mills.
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Customized diets

Reducing the cost of feeding due to customized diets
The calculation of the individual diet provides the optimal set of nutrients for  a specific herd.


Customized feed

Individual recipe and guaranteed quality
The formulation of feed is flexibly adapted to the needs of the farm or plant.

Product quality is controlled by the international laboratory EuroFins Agro BLGG.

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Precision Feeding

Precision Feeding powered by Profeed digital solutions
Feeding schedules tailored to the individual needs of your animals, and exactly the right dosage in fresh, regular portions.

Profeed monitoring solutions deliver data-driven, actionable insight for optimal productivity and simplify farm operations.

Experimental farms

Scientific decisions are tested by reality
We test products on our own research farms that operate on the Intelligent Feeding Farm standard.

The experimental herd is monitored daily for 32 parameters, which allows flexibility to improve diets and recipes.
Reduce the cost of feeding to 10% and more!
Develops individual cost reduction programs, including: customized diet, feeding program, premix formulation and support during the implementation of the program on the farm.
Head office
  1. Heikantsebaan, 7 5507 PJ Veldhoven The Netherlands
Regional office
  1. “Premium Industry” Business Center, Holosiivskyi Avenue, 42, 03039, Kyiv, Ukraine
Regional office
  1. Block 187, Plot 81, Nakapinyi, Nama, Mbalala, Mukono District, Kampala, Uganda
.Regional office
  1. Block F, Plot 540 "MKULIMA HOUSE", Nelson Mandela Road Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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